Adult Education

IMG_0374The life of faith is an all-encompassing life. Our call is to love God with our whole beings.  This means we don’t love God with just our heart or just our strength. We love God with ALL of ourselves… including our minds. Westminster Presbyterian Church strives to offer our congregation the opportunity to study, learn and share in a collaborative, nurturing environment through an array of continuing adult education classes.  One-hour educational opportunities are available @ 9:50 a.m., Fall through Spring.  Special Sunday evening seminars and other classes are also offered periodically.  Read about upcoming opportunities below!

All Sunday morning classes start @ 9:50 a.m. 

Fellowship Hall
This class, which meets in the Fellowship Hall, offers a variety of topics from Bible study and theological questions to current issues and conversation with our mission partners.

December 10 & 17:  WPC’s Associate Pastor of Youth and Discipleship, the Rev. Ellen Williams, will lead these classes.  Join Ellen for a mini-series exploring two classic Advent texts through music. On Dec. 10 we’ll dig into the Magnificat (Luke 1:44-55), a version of which the choir will share in worship that day. We’ll listen to other musical settings of these verses and wonder at Mary’s radical vision of the reign of God in the world. On Dec. 17 we’ll use the same method to consider a text used in worship throughout Advent: the “O Antiphons,” an ancient series of entreaties for Christ’s coming (Glory to God hymn #89). No musical experience or ability required to enjoy this class!

Reconnections – Room Ten
Come be fed and fed by one another! This multigenerational class encourages conversation and reflection on topics that explore the deeply important work of living faith together in all our families.

December 10 & 17:  WPC’s Director of Children and Family Ministries, Charlotte Trafton, will lead these classes.
December 10: 
Worship with Children: Building them up in the Worshipping Community
In passing conversations, parents of our church have expressed interest in talking about worship with children. This week Pastor Bill will start us off with a brief overview of how Presbyterians view worship. Charlotte Trafton will continue the conversation with practical ideas for parents. We’ll talk about ways to frame what we are doing as parents with and for our children to support the decisions you make for your family’s worship experience. Grab your coffee from Morning Manna and bring some of your real experiences of worshipping with children to share with others! We’re all learners in this process!
December 17: 
The Sacrament of Communion for Children? The Why and How
Communion is one of the two sacraments practiced by the Presbyterian Church (USA). At Westminster, we invite children to participate when parents feel ready to accept this invitation. What is communion and how is it that we invite children to participate in this sacrament before they understand what it means? How can we talk about something so holy with children? Join us for discussion with one of our pastors and Charlotte Trafton as they probe these questions. Consider your own experiences of communion and happens when you gather with others at the table of Christ.

Bible Study – Room Nine
The Bible Study Class is an informal gathering where we share personal experiences that help us understand the scripture and our life in Christ.  There is great freedom in our group. Nothing is “out of bounds” and none of us are trained Bible scholars. Everyone’s contribution is appreciated, though there is also freedom to sit and just listen to others and not say anything.  We welcome all who are interested in our experience together.

Stay tuned for 2018 class info!