Note from a WPC Member

Request from Mission Committee member Jennifer Richmond:

My company, American Culture Consultants (ACC), is starting to help foreign high-schoolers at the Griffin School ( with their living arrangements/needs. We currently have a Vietnamese high-school student who will be enrolled in the Griffin School’s summer program from approximately June 5 – July 7 and he’s looking for a host family and/or parent(s). The host family/parent(s) will be responsible for his dinners and rides to school. I will also be helping with his transportation. The host family/parent(s) will receive $750 to help offset costs for the month. If anyone is interested, they can contact me for more information.

More generally, I’m looking to find a network of about 10 host families. Not all host families will always have a student, but host families with a student are usually responsible for the student’s entire academic year. The host family is provided with $500-750/month to offset food and transportation costs. ACC will help both the student and host family to ensure the student’s smooth acculturation. The student is mandated to have health insurance, which they will either purchase on their own or through ACC. ACC will provide both the host family, student and student’s parents with a liability waiver, and ACC will conduct a background check on the host family.

I’m reaching out to my church family to see if this is a place where I can extend my network as it includes the people I love and trust most. Again, I’m not sure if there is a way to get this message out to the wider church family, but if there is, I’d appreciate your guidance as well as spreading the word.

In Christ,

Please call the church office at 512-459-5497 if you would like to help.