WPC’s Spirituality Center for Lent 2017

All are welcome.  All are invited to spend time engaged in WPC’s spirituality center during Lent.
Beginning the first Sunday in Lent our spirituality center will be open for all to use whenever the church is open.* The stations will be located in and around the Fellowship Hall and use a variety of ways to pray, play, create, be still and silent, seek, and engage with the Holy.

What is a spirituality center? At the heart of an intergenerational spirituality center is the concept of spirituality—a word that we are not always comfortable with as Christians in the Reformed tradition. To some of us, spirituality may seem mysterious; to others it might sound intellectually lightweight. But in both cases we’d be missing the whole point of a spirituality center: it’s a place not for focusing on human spirituality but for seeking the Holy Spirit.

Spirituality centers can take many forms and shapes and they work well with people of all ages:
• Children are open to the mystery of God, and they are naturally comfortable using objects and their imaginations to play. Stations that draw on the multiple intelligences and multisensory experiences
invite children to fully participate and enjoy the experience of being in a place of prayer and meditation.
• Youth are often dealing with very deep questions of identity and their purpose in the world, so they’re not content with pat answers or willing to accept something without questioning it. To connect with youth, stations must allow for questions and acknowledge doubts.
• Adults need permission to relax and to just be with God. We are often so busy doing that we forget how just to be. We often don’t take “time to smell the roses” or to see the holy. Spirituality centers are a wonderful opportunity to pull adults out of their busyness and help them slow down and find God in the still small voice.

Please come with friends and family to these stations in the WPC Spirituality Center.
• Labyrinth – A labyrinth is an ancient symbol related to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and then back out into the world. Come walk our lighted labyrinth.
• Remembrance – Throughout the world, lighting candles is a sacred ritual. We light candles for many purposes: to offer blessings, illuminate darkness, in dedication, and in remembrance.
You are invited to the Columbarium to light a candle and spend time in prayer and
remembrance, surrounded by our community of saints.
• Creation – God loves all of creation and God loves YOU! When you play and create you are praying to God. You are saying that you love God. God loves it when you make beautiful things. Come play and pray!
• Burdens – We all carry burdens—things that are hard to do, expectations, responsibilities, wounds, worries…Our burdens weigh us down and separate us from our loving God who invites us to lay down them down. You are invited to choose a rock from a basket outside the Fellowship Hall. Carry it across the parking lot to the outdoor worship space in the field by the annex. Once you are there you are invited to lay down your rock and spend some time in contemplation.
• Prayer – Ponder the nearness of God. Settle deeply into the truth that Christ is in you. Behold the Spirit surrounding you. Amen.

*If the Fellowship Hall is locked, proceed to the church office for access.