Good News for the Great Awokening

“Good News for the Great Awokening: Gospel Truths for the Frightened, the Angry, and the Ever-Aware.”

A Wednesday night series led by Bill Clark and Lana Russell via Zoom at 7 pm: April 21, 28, and May 5


Join us to discuss three 45-minute presentations delivered by the Reverend Dr. Scott Black Johnston at the 2021 Mid-Winter Lectures. We live in a Post Protestant moment where the culture suffers from truth decay, righteous anger is everywhere and a great void has emerged in public moral discourse, a void once filled by the Church. Placing our current moment alongside an historical analysis of the church’s First and Second Great Awakenings, these lectures set the context, enumerate the challenges and consider whether and how this new “Great Awokening” can move the church toward its unique and faithful role in this season of ethical revival. Register for the class by Sunday, April 18.

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