Judy Hext Skaggs

June 3rd, 2014  |  by westminster

Judy grew up in Eldorado, Texas.  She attended North Texas State University majoring in music, and graduated from University of Houston with a BS of Ed.  She then graduated from Austin Seminary with an MDiv.  Judy has four grown children and six grandchildren who, fortunately for Judy, all live in the Austin area.  Judy’s first call was to First Presbyterian Church of Smithville, where she was ordained on August 28, 1994.  She also served Poiema, a Presbyterian Community as pastor from 1995-1998.  Judy retired on September 1, 2011, after serving University Presbyterian Church in Austin as Associate Pastor for 13 years.  Judy enjoys playing the piano and taking cello lessons, and also sewing, knitting, and cooking.  During retirement, Judy hopes to do lots of grandmothering!  She serves as Parish Associate at WPC, as chair of General Council for Mission Presbytery in 2012, and as a member of the planning team for the Mo Ranch Worship and Music Conference for 2013.  And, all the while, is trying to discover what “Act 3” will be in its fullness!