Living from the Spiritual Heart

Attuning to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and allowing God’s joy, compassion, mercy and grace to flow through you

A six-week class facilitated by the Rev. Molly Hatchell beginning Thursday, March 17

7:00-7:45 pm

Join us during the Lenten season  as we learn to live even more fully from the spiritual heart. Using at-home readings,  teaching videos, and guided  audio meditations prepared by Tilden Edwards (an Episcopal priest, author, and  founder of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation), we will meet weekly to reflect on our experience with the materials and practices.

The class meeting will begin by Zoom and we may be able to go to a hybrid style meeting later on. Register by March 10.  Cost for access to the videos and materials is $25 per participant. If you have questions, contact Pastor Molly:


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