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“And, Really, Why Do We Sing in Church Anyway?”
Westminster All-Church Retreat
September 6-8, 2019
Mo-Ranch Conference Center
2229 FM 1340, Hunt, TX 78024

Ponder these:
Why do we sing in church?
Why do we sing what we sing?
What can we learn in hymns about the Great Ends of the Church?
And what is a doxology anyway?

Join our Westminster family as we gather together to sing, to tell our stories, and to learn about the hymns of our church.  Our discussion of selected hymns will be informed by Walter Brueggemann’s new book, A Glad Obedience.

We can hardly wait to hear your first memories of hymns, whether you were young or old.  What hymn do you belt out in the car while other drivers stare?  What hymn do you sing yourself back to sleep with at night?

We love hymns.  Please come join the celebration of our church’s music.

We are delighted to have Catherine Colvin, Associate Music Coordinator at Westminster Presbyterian Church, here to assist in leading this year’s retreat!