Reverse Egg Hunt

This Easter we invite the entire WPC family to join in a “Reverse Egg Hunt.” It’s a combination of a treasure hunt and an egg hunt. We give you the eggs, and you and your family will follow the eggs’ clues to find places that remind us of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. When you find a clue location, take a picture and share it with us! At the end of the hunt, you’ll find some treasure!


Families with kids will receive an egg carton of clues, but we’d love for all of WPC to join the kids in the hunt this year! You can participate in the hunt any time on Easter Sunday (if you’d like the treasure at the end). The clues will be shared during Holy Week, or you can reserve a carton of 7 clue eggs by putting your name on the list below. Share your pictures on the WPC private Facebook group or text them to Pastor Charlotte (512-695-0700). We will be creating a collage to share the best pictures from the hunt!