Spiritual Practices for Lent

You’re invited to try one (or more!) of these daily Spiritual Practices for Lent:

  • Use the “Letting Go Of…and Holding On To…” daily devotionals from Presbyterian Outlook, (available on the table at the back of our worship space).
  • Follow the Daily Prayer services on the Daily Prayer PC (USA) app (available online for $3.00).
  • Participate in the Monday evening Lenten Contemplative Prayer Group facilitated by Molly Hatchell (register online).
  • Reflecting on your day — a Lenten Practice
      Ask yourself these questions each day:

    • What am I grateful for that happened today? Where did I see signs of God’s grace?
    • What would I have liked to be different today? What would I have changed if I could?

This practice can be done by an individual or by a family or any group of people. Ask the questions at a meal and invite each person to share, or reflect on these questions at bedtime. As you continue to use the questions, try to go deeper in your thinking and reflecting, not just answering with the most obvious thoughts.

Need more guidance?  Support?  Feel free to visit with our pastors, Bill, Ellen, Charlotte, Molly, Lana or Judy, about Lenten spiritual practices.