Trunk or Treat

On Oct. 25th at 5:15 p.m. your Children’s Ministry Committee invites you to Trunk or Treat 2020-Style: Showing off costumes is one of children’s favorite activities of the season. This year, in particular, Trunk or Treat might be the only time in the season to wear their costumes. If you are healthy and not in a high risk category for COVID, consider decorating your trunk and coming out to see some adorable children!!
The idea: Costumed and masked children will walk with their household family from the parking lot entrance closest to the Fellowship Hall and in one direction looping the parking lot to the second row of parking where there’ll be an exit. Cars not decorated can park in the 3rd row of parking and down the street in front of the Annex.
How we’ll be safe when we decorate a trunk:
  • Stay at home if you feel sick with any symptoms or if anyone you’ve been in close contact with has tested positive for COVID.
  • Space between us: Plan to stand at a distance from those not in your family because we care about each other so much!
  • Space between trunk and children: We invite cars to think of creative ways to pass the treats to the families 6 or more feet away. Do you want to build a PVC candy shoot, put treats on a straw broom and extend it out to each child, have bamboo fishing poles that span the distance, or put out individual treat bags for children 6 feet in front of your trunk? We look forward to seeing your ideas!
  • Treat Bags: If you choose to make treat bags, we usually have between 25-40 children visit our Trunk or Treat. Treating hungry youth and adults? Pack a few extra. CDC recommends washing your hands before packing the bags. (
  • Space between cars: Every other parking spot will be marked for no parking to distance cars from each other.
  • Be on time! Come set up your trunk before 5 p.m.
Here’s how families of children can help keep us safe:
  • Stay home if anyone in the house has cold or flu symptoms or has tested positive for Covid in the last 2 weeks.
  • Stay with your children as they walk from car to car.
  • Talk in advance with your children about not eating their candy as they walk from car to car.
    This is to ensure they keep their mask on. (Plus, have washed hands before eating.)
    For highest safety, consider putting candy aside for three days after Trunk or Treat before consuming.
  • Encourage children to keep a well-fit mask on that covers their nose and mouth. Wear a well-fitting mask yourself. Remember a costume mask is not a pandemic mask. ( Halloween-themed two-layer cloth masks are available from Amazon and many other sources.
  • Be on time! This year, with only the trunk-to-trunk walk, our festivities will be over quickly. We don’t want you to miss it!