Children and Families—Let’s Get Together!

September 27, 2020


Children’s Sunday School and Fellowship Opportunities:


Join us for Children’s Sunday School—Esau Forgives Jacob (Genesis 32 – 33:15)

Sunday, Sept. 27th – 9:30 am – for 3 yr. olds – 5th graders: Do you have anything that’s broken? Bring it to show us, and tell us about how it got broken. We’re going to talk about how friendships can also get broken and what we can do to try to make it better as we talk about how two brothers who fixed their relationship. Be sure to bring the Sept. 27th page (labeled GN1 at the top) and crayons.

10:15 a.m.– for 2nd – 5th graders:Have you ever had a friendship end? Bring your stories so we can compare that to Jacob and Esau’s story of reuniting after many years. Be sure to bring scissors, tape, something to write with, and Sept. 27th page (labeled GN2 at the top.)
Check the weekly Worship email and newsletter for Zoom links. 

Children’s Sunday School will be in-person on Oct. 4th at 9:30 am. Meet in the parking lot for socially-distanced, masked, outdoor Sunday School at the fenced area in the 3rd parking row. Parents please join us to help support your children and visit with other families.