Why Westminster?

“Ours is a multi-generational congregation from the neighborhood as well as many other parts of the Austin community.  While we come here from diverse backgrounds, we are gathered for a common purpose: to be connected to God, connected to one another, and connected to the world around us in grace-filled ways.”

- Pastor Bill Clark

“What keeps us coming back to Westminster is the sense of community rooted in a common, grounded belief in God. Our connections here are like family, where we are loved and cared for. There is always room to examine our faith through well-crafted Sunday School curricula and thoughtfully preached sermons. We are inspired to serve  and share our faith with the greater community because we see God at work in our experiences here.”

- Layla and John Young

“Our family joined Westminster more than 20 years ago.  Having moved from Houston, we sought a church where we could raise our family and also a place where we could worship, learn and serve. Along the way, we have become part of a welcoming and caring congregation made up of all ages of people…from babes in arms to older members who think young  … all who willingly share their unique gifts and talents and work together to do some very creative ministry.  We feel very blessed to be a part of this church family.”

- Martha Richardson

“We joined Westminster two years ago, and the congregation welcomed us with open arms and made us feel at home. Worship is always enjoyable; we love singing hymns and hearing scripture. As a young family, we appreciate the many opportunities for fellowship with other church members. We are joyful that our son was born into this congregation and will grow up with a loving church family.”

- Ann and James Brownlow

“I get to hang out with a great group of peers in the church.  We’ve grown up together…sung in the children’s choir, played on the play ground, and attended Vacation Bible School together.  In more recent years we’ve been the helpers at Vacation Bible School and gone on life-changing mission trips…I can really be myself around this group.  I’ve made lifelong friends of all ages here.”

- John Pass: Senior High Youth

“Westminster has been a very important part of our family’s lives.  It is not only a building, a beautiful place for worship, to be spiritually enriched, to hear and participate in beautiful music provided by our exceptional choir and gifted organist.  It is also a place to meet and develop friendships throughout the years.  We get to know each other’s lives—our joys, our sorrows, hardships, and do our best to support one another through difficult times.”

- Eleanor Cochran