Adult Christian Formation Opportunities

IMG_0374The life of faith is an all-encompassing life. Our call is to love God with our whole beings.  This means we don’t love God with just our heart or just our strength. We love God with ALL of ourselves… including our minds. Westminster Presbyterian Church strives to offer our congregation the opportunity to study, learn and share in a collaborative, nurturing environment through an array of Christian Formation opportunities.  One-hour classes are typically available Fall through Spring and are available to all. Special Sunday evening seminars and other classes are also offered periodically.  Read about our class offerings below!

Christian Formation Opportunities


Fellowship Hall Class—9:50 a.m.

Typically, we meet in the Fellowship Hall. This class offers a variety of topics from Bible study and theological questions to current issues and conversation with our mission partners. We encourage you to check back with us in the fall for the most current class offerings.


Reconnections—3:30 p.m.

May 17: Come be fed and fed by one another! This multigenerational class encourages conversation and reflection on topics that explore the deeply important work of living faith together in all our communities. We’ll meet via Zoom.


Bible Study—10 a.m.

May 17: One of the ways that God speaks to us is through the scriptures. The Bible Study Class reads the sermon texts for that day’s worship service as a venue for hearing God’s message to us. By sharing our reflections, we gain a deeper understanding of our Lord and what we are called to be and do as God’s people. We’ll meet via Zoom.