Expanding Leadership

“The residency program will provide us the opportunity to shape and mold a new
church leader in our healthy congregation. The resident will begin an ordained
ministry surrounded by a loving congregation that nurtures them as they nurture
us. Their presence will create space for staff to imagine and implement future
ministries. We’re excited to see what new doors will open for us!”
~ Pastoral Staff – Bill Clark, Ellen Williams Hensle, Charlotte Trafton,
Molly Hatchell, Lana Russell

Westminster Presbyterian Church has been invited to participate in the Pastoral Residency Program of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. This invitation recognizes Westminster Presbyterian Church as a place where “ministry is done with excellence.”

During this two-year program, a pastoral resident will have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced and dedicated pastors, who will serve as mentors providing invaluable guidance, wisdom, and compassion. The resident thus gains practical church leadership and management experience while increasing Westminster’s pastoral capacity. The congregation is asked to cover
the Board of Pensions dues of the candidate, projected at $40,000, with the Seminary covering the entire salary portion over a two-year period.

We are honored to be selected for this program and look forward to welcoming the pastoral resident into our community.

Total Cost: $40,000

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