Our Pipe Organ

“The new organ console will provide a broader, more colorful range of sound
which will enhance our music and help us worship God more fully!”
~ Members of the Worship Committee and Organ Task Force –
Rick and Catherine Colvin, Sheryl Stack, Brian Moore,
Martha Richardson, Scott Pass, David Vanden Bout










For twenty-five years the pipe organ has filled the sacred space of our Sanctuary with inspiring music and soul-stirring harmonies. Its music has graced our congregation in services of worship, remembrance, and celebration. Time and wear have taken their toll, leaving the organ in need of updating and repair.

Earlier this year, the organ presented a concerning issue when the preset memory board began emitting smoke and eventually ceased functioning. Despite the organ pipes being operational, the console’s performance has significantly deteriorated, rendering it essentially unusable in its current state.

After careful consideration, the Organ Task Force recommends replacing the outdated console and electronics with new digital technology. The total cost of this project is projected to be $125,000.

By investing in this renovation, we aim to preserve and elevate the functionality of our cherished organ for years to come.

Total Cost: $125,000

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