Roof and Bell Tower Repairs

A recent evaluation by the Property Committee has brought to light the critical need for replacing several roofing systems on the church campus within the next five years to maintain optimal performance and prevent further deterioration and potential hazards.

The Sanctuary ridge shingles have reached the end of their serviceable life, and their replacement is an immediate priority. Within the next two to five years, the entire Sanctuary roof requires complete replacement to maintain structural integrity. The Education Wing roof shows signs of wear and tear, necessitating replacement within the next one to three years. And the Fellowship Hall roof is within four years of the end of its useful life and should be replaced before adding solar panels.

Additionally, the copper Bell Tower holds historical significance, and its restoration is essential to preserve our church campus heritage. Already the leaking copper Bell Tower roof has caused water damage to the Narthex ceiling. Coordinating the repair of the Bell Tower with the roof repair will also allow us access to the bell to repair the ringing mechanism.

By proactively addressing these issues, at a cost of $135,000, the church can ensure the safety and longevity of our buildings and provide an environment conducive for worship, fellowship, learning, and community activities.

Total Cost: $135,000

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