Solar Panels

“By producing one-third of our total campus electricity with solar, we help
Austin meet its net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal. In return, Austin
Energy will reimburse us for energy we produce for decades to come.”
~ Earth Care Committee – Ann Culver, Cynthia Hanes, Adrienne Inglis,
Virginia Schilz, Larry Wise

As an Earth Care Congregation, we choose to lead the way in demonstrating a commitment to the planet and environmental stewardship. One impactful step toward fulfilling this commitment is the installation of solar panels. Producing solar energy will significantly reduce our carbon footprint and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, contributing to the preservation of God’s creation for future generations.

Additionally, our church plays a pivotal role in our local community, and the decision to install solar panels sends a powerful message, inspiring not only our congregation but also our denomination and the wider community to take meaningful action for the well-being of our planet.

The project calls for the installation of 82.22 kW photovoltaic panels to the Fellowship Hall roof once it has been replaced. The annual production estimate is 115,101 kWh, which is about 33% of the entire church’s annual consumption, and we anticipate a 23% reduction in our electric bill.

While the initial investment in solar panels will require a financial commitment of $125,500 net of City grants, we are pursuing additional grants that support renewable energy.

Total Cost: $125,500

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