Stone Masonry Repairs

“We want to be good stewards of our beautiful campus. Completing the necessary repair of old and leaking roofs along with repairing cracks in the stone walls and mortar helps us preserve these sacred spaces for future generations.”
~ Property Committee – Chuck Fields, Jack Downing, Carolyn Long, Sara Ryder,
Virginia Schilz, Steve Thomas, Paul Vanden Bout

The exterior walls of the Sanctuary and Education Wing are experiencing cracking in the masonry mortar joints, and the most severe damage is observed at the south and west exterior walls of the Library and Bride’s Room. The likely cause of this cracking is settlement of the perimeter beam due to drying and shrinking of the clay soil. Furthermore, the absence of waterproofing and flashing of exterior walls (discovered during the renovation process) increases the risk of potential water leakage into the building interior. Newly installed gypsum board on the interior face of these walls is also vulnerable to mold growth.

The Property Committee proposes engaging a structural engineer to evaluate the conditions and provide recommendations for repair. The engineer will investigate the extent of damage, assess the potential impact of moisture-related clay soil expansion/contraction on the building’s vertical movement, and determine the appropriate course of action. Once the approach and scope of work are determined, cost proposals will be obtained from contractors.

The scope of this project, currently estimated at $165,000, will include repairing the cracked mortar joints and cleaning of the stone masonry. These measures will restore the stability and aesthetic appearance of the exterior walls.

Total Cost: $165,000

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