CCAP Zambia Health Department

A message from Melissa Johnson, Presbyterian Mission Co-worker in Lundazi, Zambia:

Over the years I’ve come to know and love the heart of our Presbyterian denomination – a heart for giving and helping lift up and empower people around the world. If you, your church or your friends are looking for gifts that will have lasting impact, please consider alternative giving opportunities around the ministry of my partner church in Zambia, the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP), Synod of Zambia, and specifically around my ministry and partnership with the CCAP Health Department. There are two areas of my ministry and partnership that I would like to give you the opportunity to consider as alternative giving opportunities.


Days for Girls CCAP Zambia Enterprise: Give girls the gift of education!

Not only is the CCAP Health Department empowering girls and women through education and reduction of stigma around periods, they have created a source of income and sustainability for themselves and the Health Department. For women and girls around, this means the chance to excel in school, chase their wildest dreams, feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, and realize their full potential. These gifts are the birthright of every girl – and they are priceless.


Did you know that when girls miss school because they don’t have access to period products, it can put them 145 days behind their male classmates? This goes on to have lifetime effects for families, communities, and entire nations – prolonging global gender inequity and poverty on every level.

You can help shift this paradigm! A gift of a $12 kit will provide a way to keep girls in school, and also continue the sustainability of the CCAP Health Department’s program.


Construction of Phalaza Rural Health Center:  Give the gift of health through a new rural health center!

The people that I have met in Phalaza during our meetings under the mango trees are members of the community health committee that was formed in 2013 when CCAP Synod of Zambia made the decision to construct a new health center in Phalaza. The community had made over 70,000 hand molded, baked bricks and collected gravel and sand for the foundation in 2013 in the hope of a new health center being built. They are still waiting.


In 2019, six long years after that committee was formed, construction began. CCAP Health Department has now completed the first phase of construction and the main clinic building, 2 latrines, an incinerator and drilled a bore hole. But there is still no healthcare, and there won’t be until the three staff houses are complete.

A gift of $20 will help build those houses and bring improved health to the people of Phalaza.